One of the most important considerations in selecting pet food is to review the ingredients. According to the Iams Ingredient Guide, here are the ingredients used by Iams in their pet foods:

Beet Pulp - Beet pulp is an important source of fiber that helps your dog maintain intestinal health and can enhance his ability to absorb ingredients. Basically, beet pulp is the material that remains after sugar is extracted from sugar beets.

Chicken - As an animal-based protein, chicken can help maintain muscle structure. It's a protein source that naturally provides each of the amino acids that are essential to carnivorous animals such as dogs. And chicken adds great flavor.

Corn - Scientific studies show that a combination of carbohydrates in the diet, such as corn meal, offers optimal carbohydrate digestibility and helps maintain energy levels.

Fruits & Vegetables - Antioxidants are nutrients found naturally in the body and in plants such as fruits and vegetables. Common antioxidants include vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and certain compounds called carotenoids (like lutein and beta-carotene).

Salmon and Ocean Fish - Omega-3 fatty acids are found in vitamin-rich fish oils. IAMS™ Company research has found that the fatty acids in fish oils help promote excellent skin and coat healt

Wheat - Wheat is a grain used as a high-quality carbohydrate source in dry cat foods. It provides energy for daily activity, as well as processing characteristics for the food.

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